On Monday the nation eagerly awaited the arrival of Britain’s latest addition to the royal family, which turned out to be a little prince, but two days later we’re still waiting for his name to be announced. So the question is, when will we find out?

Though bookies have been deliberating over the new prince’s name for weeks with names such as Arthur, James, Albert, and Philip as the favourites, and people taking to twitter to guess what the baby’s name will be, we’ve heard everything from traditional monikers to some pretty hilarious suggestions too. But two days on we are still none of the wiser.

We’re hoping that we won’t have too much longer to wait though, as it took two days for us to find out prince George’s name back in 2013, which just so happens to be ‘George Alexander Louis.’

The same went for princess Charlotte in 2015 when Kensington Palace tweeted that the little girl was to be called ‘Charlotte Elizabeth Diana.’

So, if the Duke and Duchess’ previous children are anything to go by, we should be set to find out the new prince’s name, well, any time today!

But why the delay? Well, as The Sun’s royal correspondent Emily Andrews said on her podcast ‘On Heir’, William and Kate are “just a normal family, and they want to tell their family first before they have to tell the rest of the world.”

It may also be the case that the name may have to be verified by the Queen too before being announced.

Let’s hope we don’t have to wait to much longer for the big reveal!

What do you think the new prince will be named?

Images: @Kensingtonroyal on Instagram