How gorgeous is she?!

Little Natalie Jackson was born with a black mark covering part of her face.

Lacey and Andrew, from Yorkshire, have said the tot’s birthmark looks like a superhero mask.

Natalie’s parents have decided not to have the mark removed, because it is part of her.

The proud mum told Metro: “As I cuddled our gorgeous baby girl, feeling enamoured by her, I worried that people might just see her for her birthmark, and not the beautiful person I knew she would grow to be.”

When Natalie’s older siblings met her for the first time, Lacey told them that the baby’s mark was her superhero mask.

Doctors have told the parents that Natalie’s birthmark will spread as she gets older.

We think Natalie is super cute, and her superhero mark just makes her look even more unique!

Images: PA Real Life