You may have read every pregnancy book out there, and watched every call the midwife/ one born every minute episode, but you won’t know *exactly* what it’s like to be pregnant until you actually are, and apart from the well known changes like morning sickness and your belly button popping out, there are some super weird changes that can happen in your body that nobody seems to talk about. So we’re here to clue you up…

Looser Bones

To prepare your body for releasing a new person in to the world, your body needs to loosen up to get said baby out, so it super cleverly releases a hormone named ‘relaxin’ to separate the pubic bone and also relax the cartilage around the bones to prepare itself for going in to labour.

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You may already know it as ‘baby brain,’ but although many women experience some memory loss when they’re pregnant, it’s still not yet a proven ‘thing.’ Some people blame forgetfulness on a change in hormones, and some think that people just blame normal forgetfulness on ‘baby brain.’ But we all know it’s 100% a real thing, right?

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Lots of women can experience their hair growing at an increased rate when pregnant, and sometimes in places where you may not usually experience hair growth. You may start to see more hair cropping up on the chest, abdomen, arms and face, and it’s said to be down to an increase in male hormones in the ovaries and placenta. The good thing though is that you also get extra hair growth on your head too, so you can work on those luscious locks while you grow your new baba as well.

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Bad Breath

Another slightly unfortunate effect of pregnancy is bad breath, which is due to bacteria in the mouth, and is again because of hormonal changes. Unfortunately more bacteria does mean a stinkier breath, so it’s good to make sure you keep those teeth squeaky clean every day.

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Bleeding Gums

Another unfortunate side effect to carrying a baby that also concerns your mouth, and happens because of the same reasons as bad breath, is that your mouth can become inflamed and can experience more bacteria, which can sadly cause your gums to bleed. Apparently you can actually get free dental appointments on the NHS when you’re pregnant, so it’s worth visiting yours for a check up to make sure everything is looking and feeling good.

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Itchy Tummy

Because your stomach is getting bigger to accommodate your new bundle of joy, your skin will obviously be stretching quite a bit, which can leave it feeling rather dry and can make your tummy feel irritated and itchy. You could try moisturising to help soothe it or even have a cooler shower to combat the itchiness.

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Because of an increase in oestrogen and blood flow, you may see an increase in the amount of saliva that your mouth is making, which unfortunately can make you dribble for the gods.

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Although you may not feel like you’re exercising a lot when pregnant, making a baby is super hard work, and with an added increased metabolism and blood flow too, your body can sweat more than usual.

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Blue Vagina

This one may sound slightly shocking, but because of increased blood flow, you may see your vagina change an odd shade of blue. This can begin within the first weeks of pregnancy, but it’s completely normal, and don’t worry, it will return to its normal hue after you’ve had your baby. Plus, if it does happen, hopefully you won’t have to see it for long once your beautiful bump arrives anyway!

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But remember, even though you may experience some of these weird and wonderful bodily changes, it’s all completely normal and you’re not the only one! Plus it’ll all be worth it for the little bundle of joy you’ll get at the end!