Britax Romer has issued a recall on their Dualfix car seat amid safety fears.

The car seat, which is used for babies from birth and features rotation to spin the seat from back to front facing, is facing a voluntary recall after fears that there may be a safety issue with one of the seats components.

Seats that are thought to be affected are those sold between the 3rd November 2017 and the 22nd March 2018.

Imagee: Britax Romer

The brand are urging customers who bought the Dualfix seat between that time period to go to to check if their baby’s seat is affected.

Britax reported that the Dualfix seats that were purchased before the 3rd of November and after the 22nd of March are not affected by the voluntary recall.

The component concerned is not used in any other of the brands products including other versions of the Dualfix seat.

If you bought a Dualfix seat between the dates of the 3rd of November and 22nd March 2018, Britax Romer will be offering an exchange.