There’s nothing worse than when bad weather strikes and you’re stuck in the house for a long time, well apart from being stuck in the house with a bored toddler. So we’ve come up with some nifty ideas to help keep your little tinkers entertained, that you’ll be able to do/ make with things that are already lying about your home! Trust us, the opportunities really are endless…

Make A Den

Why not make a den with the kids by draping blankets over sofas, tables, and chairs? They’ll love helping to set it up and finding things to make it cosy inside! They can spend hours camping out!

Create An Obstacle Course

Why not use cushions and objects to create an obstacle course around the sitting room for the kids to jump over and weave around? It’ll help to teach them about balance and jumping too!

Make Play Dough

Play dough is a great way for kids to get creative without getting paint and sparkles everywhere. You don’t have to go out and buy it either, all you need is a few bits and pieces from your kitchen cupboard to make it, and if preserved properly, it can be be used over and over again!

There’s endless things to create too!

Check out this recipe from the BBC on how to make your own!

Make Scrap Models

Got lots of recycling lying about? Why not collect it all and grab some tape and paint/crayons and make scrap models with them? You could make rockets out of toilet roll tubes, cars out of milk bottles, robots out of cereal boxes, or just simply let their imaginations run wild!

Water Play

Why not have some fun playing with water? It won’t cost anything (well not on top of your regular bills) and it can provide hours of fun! You could fill up a washing up dish and let them bath their favourite dolly, try and make toys float, or just have a splash about. If you don’t want to make too much mess, made you could pop them in the bath and give them an extra long bath time instead.

Sensory Bottles

Sensory bottles are a great way of entertaining a small child for a while. Grab some empty bottles and some rice, beads, glitter, sequins (anything sparkly or that makes a sound) and get them to fill them with what they like! Glitter mixed with water is a great option together as they can watch the sparkles float about as they shake it like a snow globe, or, put pasta/rice/beads in together without water to make a bottle that acts as a rattle or maraca! Just make sure you seal the top properly t avoid spillages or choking.

Play Hide & Seek

Kids love playing hide and seek! This exciting game will get their little minds thinking of places to hide, and they’ll love being able to try and find you too. It’s super entertaining for you too watching them trying to hide in plain sight.

Get Arty

Got some pasta and rice in the cupboards? Grab some paper and glue and get the little ones to make pictures and patterns with the foods. It means you won’t have to go out for paints and things, and who doesn’t love a classic pasta picture, ay?

Make A Band

Grab some pots and pans, and some wooden spoons too, and make some funky tunes! Why not even add in those sensory shakers you made before and start up a full band? Warning, this activity is noisy, but seriously fun!

Singing Songs

Why not sing some nursery rhymes? It’ll help them practice and remember their favourite songs, and it costs nothing either!

Baking/ Decorating Biscuits

It might be hard to bake things with toddlers, but why not make something super simple like krispy cakes? They’re sure to love helping with the mixing… and tasting! Or, why not make biscuits then make some icing and get them to decorate theirs before they eat it?

See, there’s lot’s of fun things to do indoors, all you need is a little imagination, and some standard household products!

We wish you a happy and fun filled play time!