The weather has finally started to get hotter, and though it means we can start to enjoy ourselves in the sunshine, it does mean that on a night time it can be harder to get our babies to sleep.

The lighter nights and warmer temperatures can knock our little ones routine to pot, so here are a few tips to help your baby get to sleep, so you can both wake up feeling refreshed for more fun in the sun…

Change Their Bedding/ Pyjamas

Try to find a lighter weight blanket or sheet rather than their usual sleeping bag, and swap their usual pyjamas for just a vest or something light. This will help them to stay feeling cool ad comfortable all night.

Make A Fresh Air Flow

Try to keep a constant air flow going through the room to keep the temperature down as they sleep. If you’re worried about keeping your window open for safety reasons, then a fan is also a good alternative. Just make sure that the fan and its wire are out of baby’s reach, and that it’s not pointed in their direction, otherwise they’ll get too cold.

Invest In Blackout Blinds Or Curtains

Sometimes, even if the temperature is alright, your baby may be kept up instead by the lighter nights. To combat this, why not invest in a blackout blind or curtains so that your child’s room stays dark so baby knows it’s time to go to bed. Do make sure your blinds are cordless though to avoid any accidents.

Give Them A Cool Bath Before Bed

There’s nothing worse than feeling hot and sticky before bed, so instead of giving your baby a warm bath to settle them in to their bedtime routine, why not make the bath a bit cooler to help regulate their temperature so they feel a bit more relaxed.

Keep Curtains Closed Throughout The Day

Keeping curtains closed throughout the day will block out sunlight to hopefully keep the room cooler, so that when it is bedtime, the temperature won’t be as high. You can also keep the window open so there’s an air flow too.

Stick To Their Usual Routine

When the evenings become lighter, and family and friends are round, it can be hard to stick to a routine and not keep your baby up. It is important to stick to it though so your baby knows when it’s time to sleep.

Keep A Thermometer In Baby’s Room

The best way to check whether your little one is too hot is to keep a thermometer in their room. The best temperature for babies is between 18 and 22 degrees. If your baby feels to hot though, remove a layer or add more of an air flow.