The French are known for their effortless style and beautiful language, so why not give your gorgeous new child an alternative name from the fashion forward country?



The French version of Evelyn meaning “breath of life” will be a beautiful name for your new tot. You could even nickname her Ava.


Meaning flower, this name is perfect for if you want to give your little girl a floral name, but aren’t keen on the more overused British versions.


Got an Elizabeth in the family that you want to pay homage to, this name both pays credit to them, and gives your little one their own pretty, individual name at the same time.


A name fit for a princess, this name will remind people of Enchanted’s beautifully whimsical royal. It means ‘pledge’.


This name, which is well known for its connection to the plucky, redheaded, Parisian children’s book heroine with the same name, means “from the tower.”


Another name shared by a famous French book character, Eloise is a super pretty name which means ‘famous warrior’, and with a name like that, we’re sure your daughter will conquer anything she sets her mind to!


How gorgeous is the name Marielle? Looking to name your daughter after a Marie or Mary but think the names are a little dated, this modern version will be perfect!


Is your new little bundle of joy just the sweetest? Why not call her Melina which comes from the Greek word for Honey!?


If you’re a big fan of Solange Knowles, or the effortlessly chic French brand Celine, then this name is perfect for your stylish little girl.



The French version of the name Luke, this name is sure to be a strong choice that will never date.


If you like the name Sebastian, but feel like it’s getting more popular and want something alternative, why not shorten the classic name and call your little fella Bastian? This lovely name means ‘Venerable’.


If you think your little one is just the most perfect gift, then this the name Mathis which means ‘gift from god’ is ideal. It is also the French version of the name Matthew.


This adorable name is the French version of the classic name Timothy.


This religious name means ‘god hears.’ If you’re in to your literature too, this name is definitely reminiscent of Moby Dick’s famous character.


This name may remind you of St Valentine and romance, but it actually means ‘to be healthy, to be strong.’


Has your little boy just brought endless smiles from the moment he was born? The name Felix means ‘happy or lucky’ and it’s perfect for your happy go lucky little fella.


This alternative name means ‘mild, peaceful, and calm’, and it’s the ideal name to describe any laid back dude.


This quintessentially French name is a lovely alternative to the name Mark.


The perfect name for any little drop of paradise.