You may know by now that Chrissy Teigen isn’t your average super model. Best known for her hilarious remarks, real talk, and silly demeanour, it isn’t surprising that she boasts a whopping 17.7 million followers on Instagram.

Chrissy helps to prove on a daily basis that just because she’s a celeb, doesn’t mean that she can’t be super relatable and say it like it is. As ever, the star has been illustrating that life isn’t always glamorous, especially when it comes to being a mother.

The model has recently given birth to her second child with John Legend, a little boy named Miles, and as ever, she’s been super real about the experience.


In one of her latest stories, Chrissy showed off her brand new stretch marks in a video of her post pregnancy body. The video also featured a crying face emoji.

She said “No! I thought I did such a good job with my creams! My hips!” Proving that nobody, not even the wealthiest celebs are immune to stretch marks.

Teigen also shared an image of herself to her millions of followers breast feeding little baby Miles, topless, makeup-free, and wearing medical hospital knickers.


It’s fair to say her followers are loving her honesty too with positive comments rolling in to praise the mother. One woman wrote; “I love how real you are about motherhood. It’s like a breath of fresh air to see a celebrity like you not to fake it and show what real life is about. You are a great mom in my opinion.”

Another fan said “Congratulations on your little one and thank you for sharing the reality of the postpartum stage. Amazing.”

Chrissy, you are the hero we all needed, and we applaud you for your openness and body positivity!

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Images: @chrissyteigen