Because being pregnant is the only time you can rock some bump art!

Bump art is a huge trend right now, and here are 9 pics to inspire you to create your own! It’s time to celebrate your bump, get artsy, and take some cute photos too.

Little Monster

This Monsters Inc inspired bump art is super cute! All together now, “Miiiike Wazowski!”

Cookie Monster

If you’ve been craving cookies during your pregnancy, this would make the perfect pic! Of course, a tasty bonus is that you get to eat the props afterward.

Pop Art

Feel like you’re ready to burst? Well, this art will suit your mood!

Peter Pan

Disney lovers, you can have fun with bump artwork too! This Peter Pan inspired piece is gorgeous, aren’t the colours just beautiful?

Floral Fun

This floral design is so pretty!

Special and Sparkly

It’s a lovely idea to write a message on your bump, to show your little one once they’re out in the big wide world. Why not add some glitter for a bit of sparkle?

Bump art would be a super fun to do during a baby shower, or even just for an at-home photoshoot to celebrate your pregnancy. If you try any of these crafts out, make sure to send us a pic!