Struggling with breastfeeding? Loads of mums have been there, done that. Did you know the Amazon Alexa can actually give you breastfeeding advice?

There’s a handy free tool that can provide advice to new mums who are struggling with breastfeeding.

On the night feed and struggling to get your little one to latch? If you have an Amazon Alexa, it can actually give you some handy tips and tricks.

Forget struggling to pick up your phone whilst you’re cradling your baby! This add-on is a great way to get advice hands-free.

The ‘Breastfeeding Friend‘, made by Start4Life, is available on the Amazon Store for free.

Breastfeeding Friend is a Public Health England initiative, so all the advice is safe and NHS approved.

You can enable the device on your Amazon Alexa totally free of charge, and it has loads of handy advice.

Whether your little one is struggling to latch, or you want to know how to treat sore nipples, Breastfeeding Friend can help.

If you have an Echo, Spot, or Dot, you can access the Breastfeeding Friend.

Simply say “Alexa, open Breastfeeding Friend” to ask the software a question. The programme is based on common questions asked by mums, so you’re in good hands.

Download Breastfeeding Friend now.