For many people, when you have your first baby everything you do is carefully thought out, advised, and sterilised, but with your second, it’s a bit of a different situation.

When you give birth to your second child, even though they are every bit as precious and loved as the first, you tend to become a little more relaxed as you realise how resilient and robust they are. Also you’re often so busy trying to sort out double the trouble that you aren’t always as precious about the little things you used to worry about so much. So here are 7 funny little things that you tend to chill out about second time round…

A Bit Of Dirt/ Mess Really Is Ok

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When your first baby is born you sterilise absolutely everything. Dummy on the floor? Sterilise it. Toy picked up by another baby? Sterilise it. With your second you tend to just whip out the wipes and give it a quick polish and it’s good as new. Same goes for baby’s themselves.

You would always worry about your baby being dirty and what germs they’d pick up, but with your second you realise that a bit of dirt is good and you come accustomed ton just giving them a quick wipe over as they try to eat sand or grass in the garden. Anyway, it builds up their immune system, right?

You’re Not Worrying About Your Baby Not Crawling Stat

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With your first baby you might worry that they’re lagging behind and aren’t developing as quickly as your friends’ kids, but with your second you realise that they will progress in their own time and that actually a baby on the move is hard work, so you’re in no rush for them to get crawling.

You Don’t Pick Your Baby Up After Every Whimper

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With your first baby you pick them up after every whimper as you can’t bear them being sad, but with your second little one you realise that sometimes there’s nothing actually wrong and they just want to be carried about.

Not Constantly Staring At Your Baby

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When you bring your first bundle of joy home, you can’t stop staring at them. Partly because you can’t believe you’ve created something so wonderful, and partly because you’re terrified. With your second you’re just thankful of a bit of shut eye when they do nod off to sleep.

Not Needing Everything Brand New

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With your first baby you want everything brand new and sparkling, but with your second you realise just how expensive babies can be, and don’t turn away a good quality hand me down. I mean kids grow fast anyway, so why not save some money?

Letting Them Interact With Pets

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When you have your first born you may have worry about them being near your pets incase they catch germs or get covered in hair, but with your second you’re a bit more relaxed, and although you carefully watch over them, you don’t worry about your baby touching or being licked by the dog every so often.

Not Always Giving Them Healthy Food

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At first you try to make everything fresh, super healthy, puree it yourself at home, and make pots of fruit and veg sticks as snacks, but when you get to your second, sometimes you don’t always have the time to prep. Also you might not see the harm in giving them a little taste of chocolate or ice cream as a treat every so often because they’re only human too.

Leaving Them With Dad

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The first time you leave your baby with their dad for the day it can be worrying. Will they be able to change their nappy? Will they check the milk is cool enough? Will they get them to sleep ok? With your second you realise dads have to learn too and you’re just pleased for a little free time. Plus, they’re probably having a great time together while you’re out (see gif above).